Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Know...

I Know, one day,
It will be true.
 I know baby,
It’s you and only you.

I know, you are the first thing on my mind,
And the last thing too.
I know this is silly,
But, my day starts with you.

I know, you don’t love me,
The way I do.
But, one day baby,
It will come true.

I know, you don’t miss me,
But, I am dying for you.
I know, you will bring me flowers,
But, the gift I want is you.

I know, we will meet,
And talk for hours before you go.
I know, these distances are killing me,
And somewhere, even you feel so.

I know, everything will be fine one day,
And you will come and say
I Love You Too!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Love Forever

  Something that is inexplicable
Something that gives shudders.

Words needs the meanings
and phrases needs the words.

Memories that make a mark
feelings that gives the spark
and bells ringing in the heart
do hit the dart.

Inner happiness felt again
with heart full of rain
and the agony and pain
goes away down the drain.

The anticipated evil goes away
with a bulk of dismay
freshness accepted
Love forever are purely protected.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Moment

As the Sun slides down,
My eyes are set at the doors,
Before I call it a day,
All I want right now,
Collect myself, pack and come-home,
I want to watch u sleep like a baby,
I want to sit till eternity, and gaze at you,
When your brown eyes are busy fanning the dreams,
And rest of you lies in repose,
I want you to wake up to me,
Smile and stretch out your arms,
Tuck my hand in your very own,
With a million smiles cuddled in a moment,
You bring me closer and say,
“I was just dreaming about you,
I am happy to see you”

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Want you to know

I want you to know
Though I don’t see you often
But you are always there
In my eyes forever

I want you to know `
I can’t meet you as I use to
But you are always there
In my thoughts forever

I want you to know
Even if I don’t call you for long
But you are always there
Echoing in my heart

I want you to know
Though I don’t say how much I miss you
But you are always there
In my living as my life

I want you to know
Even if we drift apart
But I will always cherish that
You and I met