Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Know...

I Know, one day,
It will be true.
 I know baby,
It’s you and only you.

I know, you are the first thing on my mind,
And the last thing too.
I know this is silly,
But, my day starts with you.

I know, you don’t love me,
The way I do.
But, one day baby,
It will come true.

I know, you don’t miss me,
But, I am dying for you.
I know, you will bring me flowers,
But, the gift I want is you.

I know, we will meet,
And talk for hours before you go.
I know, these distances are killing me,
And somewhere, even you feel so.

I know, everything will be fine one day,
And you will come and say
I Love You Too!!

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