Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lost Innocence

Why my dreams deferred
I just don’t understand,
Where my innocence lost
I just can’t find it
Why is it so heart wrenching
Why can’t I have something breathe taking
Life seems to be non-existing
Want to rip off the silence around
With a bellowed sound
Want to be heard and talked about
My lost virtue need to be found out.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I and You

I live in your dreams.
What it shall be like;
When you will stop dreaming about me.

I pray with you.
What it shall be like;
When you will not be with me.

I walk holding your hand.
What it shall be like;
When you will drift apart from me.

I wish with you.
The day never comes
When shakes me the thought
What it shall be like;

I conjure with you.
We will be with each other
Forever and ever and ever.

I love with you.
What it shall be like;
When you will be in love with me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

In search of love

Holding his hand walked so long,
Didn’t realized what all I left behind,
To have a his love in my life,
I bequeathed all divine love around,
Selfless hands which make me walk,
Altruistic eyes that cared for me,
Substantiating it, was it worth?
I heard that love is pure,
Then why people say that it’s impure,
Why? We leave, one love to get other,
Disarray in love, What for?????
If love is complete, love is perfect,
Then why we still crave for it,
If love is eternal, love is divine,
Why the world is besieged by the dross,
I wish I could meet Thy Deity,
And wish to see what love is?