Monday, October 10, 2011

In trance.....

love couple manga

SMystified, bewildered, befuddled I am ……
Euphoria, elation or unusual calm…..
What do I feel? I feel myself in a trance?
I….cannot break away from it….I don’t want to….
Eyes wide open, eyelashes not batting
Reckon of that soft reassuring voice, broad dependable shoulders
Warm hands that hold me in an enveloping embrace
Soft blue eyes emitting volumes of different world
An unending medley keeping me in a comfy sleep
Bringing some sanity to this wandering soul of mine
Tranquility, serenity all around… keeps me rooted…
The dream begins….. the love grows…
So, don’t wake me up, don’t hold me back
I am in trance, let me perch
I have no plans for escaping from...

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