Monday, October 17, 2011

My best affair!!!

Dawning day full of promises, in midst of all that glory
I saw her dusky beauty, glittering face, sparkling eyes
Looked like someone captured a setting sun colors on the canvas
Should I ever think - eyes get caught, mind stuck,
World stops with a sway of magical glance
Wow!!! What a moment that was, I hope it never ended
Silver line between dreams and reality were fleeting
Hearing her uprising breath, moment started melting
Untold words, unexpressed love came au naturel !!
With a sudden loud inarticulate cry around
Oozed out blood on the way of life
Trashes of dreams and humanity were lying scattered
With sudden chaos in mind I realized I was dying
In between those fading moments
I Persuaded some dreams trail till the end
I Apprehend does terrorism ever had felt the pain
The pain of those untold stories that never listens to an end
Bewildered, befuddled such is a story of mine
Untold, mislaid, baffled
Wants to unleash my best affair that I never had

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